5 Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquitoes are insects that are very disturbing to humans, in fact there are several types of mosquitoes that can endanger human lives.

Mosquito attacks usually and most often occur in the morning and at night. indeed now has been circulating a lot of mosquitoes repellent and also mosquito repellent lotions that are sold in the market, but the chemical content that is in the mosquito repellent and mosquitoes lotion can actually be harmful to humans if used continuously .

You can turn to natural ingredients to drive mosquito away, one of which is by mosquito repellent plants.
You can turn to natural ingredients to drive mosquito away, one of which is by mosquito repellent plants. 

Some plants that can be used to repel mosquitoes include;


The first natural plant that can be used to repel mosquito is lavender. Lavender is an ornamental plant that comes from the mountains in Switzerland, and the lavender plant has a scent that is not liked by mosquitoes. Plant lavender in your home area and put it in a pot so that it can be moved around according to where mosquito often roam.

Rosemary plants

The next natural mosquito repellent plant is Rosemary. The aroma produced from the flower is similar to telon oil or eucalyptus oil. It's normal to see if a child is bitten by mosquito bites immediately given eucalyptus oil, so that's how the rosemary plant functions in your home environment.

Lemongrass Fragrance

Lemongrass has natural gerarniol and citronellal content and it is very disliked by mosquitoes. So that lemongrass in addition to being a spice ingredient in fact can be used to repellent mosquito.

Basil plants

Basil is also commonly used for spices and vegetables, but it turns out it can also be used to repellent mosquitoes because it has a distinctive aroma and is not preferred by mosquito.


The last natural mosquito repellent plant or plant is suren. Suren trees also function to repel mosquito, because they have the natural content of surenon, surenin, and surenolactone. These substances can repel mosquito and other insects.

That's 5 plants that can be used to repel mosquito. Hopefully this article is useful for you all.