A Place to Buy Souvenirs from Bali Indonesia

Balinese souvenirs

Bali is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists, both local and foreign. Not only natural beauty, but a thick culture is also one of the attractions of this Island of the Gods from Indonesia.

Many tourists who not only enjoy their holidays, visiting Bali will not be complete without bringing home souvenirs. The number of tourists who visit makes it possible for people in Bali to sell souvenirs.

However, many tourists do not know where to buy souvenirs from Bali. Well, if you have a vacation plan in Bali, you should consider the following article.
However, many tourists do not know where to buy souvenirs from Bali. Well, if you have a vacation plan in Bali, you should consider the following article.

Some of these places will help you to more easily look for souvenirs for your friends or family.

Typical souvenirs of Bali

1. The Basket of Bali (Keranjangan Bali)

Destinations The Basket Bali has the concept of "Bali in One Basket". This place presents a different shopping experience compared to other spots in Bali.

The location is on Jl Raya Kuta No.97, Badung, Bali. In this place you will be visited by attractive shopping and entertainment destinations. The combination of traditional tourism that is packaged by meodern is very suitable to buy souvenirs when visiting Bali. 

A variety of outlets offer typical Balinese products, such as food, clothing to handicrafts souvenirs. In addition to shopping tours, The Basket is also equipped with an amusement park that is suitable for relaxing with family or couples.

Not only that, The Basket Bali also offers the best spa for relaxation after you are tired of vacationing in Bali.

This destination is suitable for those of you who want to feel the new paradise spot for tourism by Bali which is very interesting.

2. Shopping for Balinese Knick knacks at the Sukawati Market

Sukawati Market is the largest market in Bali. This place is located in Sukawati Village, Gianyar Regency.

This market is quite close to Ngurah Rai Airport. You only need 45 minutes to get to this market. Sukawati Market provides a variety of typical Balinese souvenirs.

You can buy clothes souvenirs, bags and buy other Balinese trinkets. This market also provides a variety of Balinese paintings from Indonesia. Everything that is sold at Sukawati Market is the result of Balinese craftsman art.

For those of you who want to buy souvenirs in this market, you must be smart to bargain because the seller will provide a high price.

3. Exploring Traditional Markets: Guwang Market Bali

Guwang Market is also one of the places by a typical Balinese. Compared to Sukawati Market, this market is indeed less well known.

Guwang Market is still in the Gianyar region, exactly 500 meters from Sukawati Market. This market was built as a market to support the Sukawati market.

The goods sold are also not much different from those in Sukawati Market.

4. Unlimited shopping at Ubud Market

The Ubud market is the same as the Guwang market and the Sukawati market but the difference is this market is wider. Because this market is so wide, you can go around as much as you want.

In this Ubud market you can find typical Balinese souvenirs. Traders who are in front of the market may offer high-priced goods.

However, if you go inside, you can get a cheap price. The goods sold at Ubud Market are no different from other markets.

You can buy paintings, Balinese clothes, sculptures, woven bags, and various other Balinese goods. If you want to shop at this market, then leave in the morning.

Because in the afternoon, this market will be crowded with tourists. Tourists are very happy shopping at the Ubud market because of its strategic location. Ubud Market is located in front of the Puri Agung Saren Ubud.

If you have reached Monkey Forest road, you will see the Ubud market at the crossroads.

5. Shopping T-shirts in Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art Market is the market most visited by tourists. This market is famous for rayon t-shirt products. Bali T-shirts sold in this market are t-shirts with beer logos.

Tourists really like T-shirts sold in this market, especially tourists from Australia. Actually, the tourists buy these shirts not for olh-by, but to wear.

T-shirts with cotton or rayon will be very comfortable to wear during a vacation. At Kuta Market you can get Balinese clothes at cheap prices.

Not only that, you can also enjoy the view with Kuta beach breeze. The atmosphere provided by alampantai Kuta makes you feel like you're in Hawaii.

So, the Ubud market is the right place to buy Balinese clothes.

6. Complete your needs at the Badung Market

Badung Market is located in the Denpasar area and is one of the markets that provides everything needed. You can find a variety of typical Balinese equipment such as traditional ceremonial equipment.

You can also get all your daily needs in this market. If you are a culinary lover, you must visit this market.

You can enjoy a variety of Balinese foods that are appetizing. If you want to buy souvenirs at the Badung market, it would be better if buying in large quantities.

The price you get will be cheaper than the normal price.

7. Shopping for souvenirs at Kumbasari Market

The next tourist destination is the Kumbasari Market not far from the Badung market. This market is in the village of Badung, Gianyar Regency. Not much different from the Badung market.

You can find many Balinese souvenirs here. You can buy in quantity because you will get a cheaper price.

8. Hunting for Typical Balinese Food in Krishna

Krisna is one of the places that sells souvenirs typical of Bali. Not only Indonesia traditional souvenirs, you can also find various unique souvenirs from Bali.

In this place you can buy Balinese specialties such as milk pie, chips, crispy claws, dried lunkhead and others.

Not only that, there are also many Balinese coffees such as Kintamani, Mangsi, and Bali Spirit coffee. Krisna is located close to the airport because the distance is only 5 minutes.

So, this place is indeed very strategic for you and also everything that is sold here is complete.

9. Kampung Nusantara Painting Gallery

Kampung Nusantara is a place that sells souvenirs typical of Bali such as Krisna. You can also find many Balinese specialties in Kampung Nusantara Indonesia.

Not only that, you can also buy various kinds of paintings. There is one room that is designated as a gallery. In this gallery you can find a lot of paintings and you can choose the ones you like.

10. Complete souvenirs by shopping at Joger

It feels like your vacation isn't complete if you don't visit Joger. This shopping place is very popular in Bali.

You can get various kinds of souvenirs with funny and unique words here. You can buy shirts, key chains, glasses and more.

All items here are sold at affordable prices. Jogger is one of the suitable places to buy bali for women.

11. Galuh Art Shop: Bali Batik Center

Galuh Art Shop is equally popular with Joger. Here you can get various batik clothes with Balinese motifs.

Not only Indonesia Balinese batik, you can also get various kinds of batik cloth from all over the Indonesia archipelago. Galuh Art Shop is located in Gianyar, Bali.

Maps Center for Souvenirs in Bali

For those of you who are on vacation to Bali, don't forget to buy souvenirs typical of Bali. And for the place you can see on the following maps:

Well, that's the 11 most popular places in Bali Indonesia to buy souvenirs. You can buy a variety of souvenirs that fit your budget and also your needs.

Not only souvenirs, you can also choose various Balinese snacks and Indonesia foods.