Hae Ri Gets Shot in Episode 13 Drakor Vagabond Preview on SBS

Korean drama (Drakor) Vagabond episode 13 will air tonight, Friday (11/02/2019) at 20:00 WIB on SBS. In the previous episode it was told, the civil trial for compensation claims for B357 flight accident victims appeared to have been opened, and Oh Sang Mi, Kim Woo Gi's wife, witnessed the crash of the plane.

Meanwhile, in the prosecutor's chair, there were lawyers representing the victims, and also Edward Park from the Dynamic System company as the accused for the accident case. The families of the plane crash victims themselves are divided into two groups, the first being those who believe that John & Mark are the masterminds behind the crash of the B357 aircraft, and Park Kwang Deok is one of these people.

Meanwhile, on the other hand are those who believe that the Dynamic System was the one who terrorized the flight. At present, Park Kwang Deok even protests and is surprised, why at the trial event the media did not cover anything at all. Where this is because the media is prohibited from entering the court building. Meanwhile, Gi Tae Woong and his colleague, Kim Se Hun have come to the port to pick up Go HaƩ Ri, Cha Dal Gun and Kim Woo Gi. Kang Joo Cheol and Gong Hwa Sook also appeared at the port to greet them. However, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) led by Min Jae Sik finally appeared at the port and fired on Gi Tae Woong's team.

Therefore, shooting action ensued. The purpose of the NIS is to kill Kim Woo Gi, lest he come and be a witness in the trial. Gi Tae Woong and the others themselves hid inside the container. However, Cha Dal Gun is looking for a way to move to a smaller car and bring the others out of the container. After they managed to move to a smaller car, the chase action on the streets also finally began. Meanwhile, Korean President, Jung Kook Pyo finally learned that Kim Woo Gi was heading for trial.

The president and his staff are not involved in the downfall of the B357, however, they want to destroy the evidence. Because the country has already signed a cooperation contract regarding the purchase of weapons of war with John & Mark, the mastermind behind everything. If the public knows the state is cooperating with companies that have killed their own citizens, of course it is dangerous for the position of President. Therefore, Jung Kook Pyo finally intervened and mobilized everything he could do so Kim Woo Gi did not gets to the trial. Jung Kook Pyo even mobilized the Korean police to chase the car driven by Cha Dal Gun and others.

Synopsis Preview Vagabond episode 13 which airs tonight, Friday (11/02/2019) at 20:00 WIB on SBS
Synopsis Preview Vagabond episode 13 which airs tonight, Friday (11/02/2019) at 20:00 WIB on SBS

At the trial, Edward Park stated that witnesses Kim Woo Gi and Cha Dal Gun would soon arrive at the trial. This certainly surprised the victims' families, because the appearance of Woo Gi and Dal Gun could provide clarity about this case. Oh Sang Mi, who appeared as a witness, stated that her husband, Kim Woo Gi, had worked for the Dynamic System and dropped the B357 flight. Sang Mi himself said so because he was threatened by John & Mark. 

Kang Joo Cheol finally hacked all the CCTV cameras that were along the way to broadcast the chase between the police and Gi Tae Woong's team. This made the victims' families wonder, why did the police chase witnesses instead of escorting them. The families of the victims are also confused, who exactly should they trust here. After Gi Tae Woong's team almost arrived at the trial, they were surrounded by the police, the SWAT team and the NIS members. Min Jae Sik ordered the shooting of everyone who came out of Cha Dal Gun's car. The shooting finally happened again, and suddenly there was a truck that protected Gi Tae Woong's team. The driver of the car was one of the victims' families who asked Cha Dal Gun to immediately leave to save himself from the place. Cha Dal Gun and the others finally returned to the car and looked for another way to the courtroom. Dal Gun finally gets to the court building, but the police also block them from entering. So there was a clash between the police and the victim's family who had been waiting for Kim Woo Gi.

Until finally the victims' families decide to help Dal Gun and Kim Woo Gi enter the building by escorting them from the sniper who targeted Kim Woo Gi. Go Hae Ri has a gun shot wound? In the preview for the next episode, while escorting Kim Woo Gi into the courtroom, Go Hae seems to have suffered a gun shot wound from a sniper targeting Kim Woo Gi. Go Hae Ri only lost consciousness after she was at the trial and realized that there was blood in her stomach. Cha Dal Gun immediately took Hae Ri to the hospital. Shortly after, Hae Ri seems to have fallen into a coma due to the gun shot wound.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Gi finally gave his testimony at the trial by saying that everything his wife said, Oh Sang Mi was a lie. However, while on his way to prison, Kim Woo Gi was attacked by someone. On the other hand, Cha Dal Gun finally led the victims' families to hold a massive protest to John & Mark, and Dal Gun also spoke to the media and revealed what had actually happened. 

Vagabond up rating & Vagabond 12 Preview

According to Nielsen Korea, Vagabond episode 12 which aired last week managed to gets an average rating of 11.6 percent, 9 percent for each section, and 11.9 percent for the Seoul metropolitan area. If there is no change in schedule, then Vagabond episode 13 will air at night on SBS at 10:00 p.m KST or at 20.00 WIB. Vagabond is also available on the Netflix paid streaming platform.