Cause Laptops Slow or Computers Run Slow, Along With The Solution

Your laptop or computer suddenly slow? This certainly will make you annoyed, especially when you are required to immediately complete a job that requires using a laptops or computer. Before you find out how to overcome it, you should first know what causes it. 

Here are some causes and solutions for slow laptop or computer:

Small RAM or Capacity

The reason for the first slow laptop is the RAM capacity that is too small. RAM or Random Access Memory is a temporary data storage device on the computers when run programs. In other words, if you need a lot of programs that run your computers, then RAM is also needed a lot because RAM has a very important role in multitasking or running programs together at a time.

If your RAM capacity does not match (small) to your needs (large) then it will make your device slow.
If your RAM capacity does not match (small) to your needs (large) then it will make your device slow.

Solution: increase the RAM capacity on your laptop or computers so that laptops performance can be maximal and not interfere with your activities.

 Number of Programs Run

The reason for the slow running of the laptop is because of the many programs that are run together. This is actually the same as the first point, will occur if the RAM is small in capacity.

Solution: you should run the program one by one or prioritize more important first, so that your laptop does not hang easily or not responding.

 Installing Heavy Programs

All must be adjusted to capacity, more or less like that. Do not force your laptops to store or install programs that are heavy or have high capacity while the capacity of your laptops is not capable. For example, you want to download FIFA games that have high capacity but your laptops is unable or even does not support the game, so do not force it to keep installing it.

Solution: like the explanation above, it is better not to be adventurous to force what should not be forced.

The existence of VIRUS

The reason for the slow gadget or slow laptops is due to a virus in your laptop. Viruses will damage data or files that you have saved, and will make your computers hang or slow down. Viruses can enter from a variety of things, including when you download something carelessly from the internet, can also enter through the FD that you plug into a laptop.

Solution: install a trusted anti-virus to protect and prevent viruses from entering your computers. If the antivirus can not overcome then immediately reinstall your device. Yag definitely do not carelessly download from the internet, do not carelessly plug the FD on the laptop, and do not forget to periodically update your antivirus.

Number of Files and Applications

files that accumulate on your computers can also make your computers slow or respon slow.
Solution: delete files that are no longer in use, and remove unnecessary applications. This will make your laptop's performance faster.

Many Programs That Run On Starup

Programs that run on Starup also make your laptop run slow or lower slow. This is because the multitasking process is carried out together.

Solution: deactivate the program that you think is not too important, but don't get it wrong because it can have fatal consequences for your laptop.

Those are some of the causes of a computers or laptop running slow or gadget slow & solution, hopefully useful for you all. Good luck!!!